Maleta Company is an Irish based contemporary circus company, the company uses juggling, manipulation and the body as a base to construct languages in which they can explore aspects of human condition.

First formed in 2013, the company continues to experience, explore and share our vision of circus, poetry and performance.

"Juggling is a language"



 length - indoor/outdoor - 50 minutes 

 devised/performed by Alex Allison +                                             Jonas Schiffaeur +

                                 Moises Mas Garcia

music/sound design by Moises Mas Garcia

creative director - Benjamin Richter

costume design - Liora Epstein

research/outside Eye - Marie-Lena Kaiser

In Runners, circus performers Jonas Schiffauer and Alex Allison, together with musician Moises Más Garcia, deal with the perception and experience of speed in modern times. The full-length performance deals with the evolution of the human walk and throw in an increasingly immobile culture. The trio explores the question of the importance of the body as; originally a life-sustaining medium which can at times feel forgotten in post-industrial society. The project involves both regional and international artists. As a multi-year project, it is divided into two clearly separated project phases. The free research phase 2020 collected vocabulary and dealt intensively with the topic of "evolution of speed". It ended in October 2020. In the production phase 2021 we will pick up results and material, process them dramaturgically and choreographically and bring them into the context of a full-length stage production with a premiere in November 2021 and touring beginning in Spring/Sumer 2022.



The central element of the show are two treadmills that are controlled by a third person. Moises Más García is both a sound engineer and a dramaturgical anchor point for the two protagonists who act on the treadmills. The music will set the pace and play with elements from prehistory, industrialization and a futuristic, post-industrial society. As “runners”, the protagonists have the task of communicating between these worlds. They process the fantasies of a technocratic society for untouched nature, which has gradually transferred responsibility for movement and progress to machines. In doing so, they explore the limits of what is humanly possible. With regard to an increasingly symbiotic relationship with the machine, we consider the interaction between humans and the environment in terms of their mutual acceleration. The treadmills are on the one hand a metaphor for a self-optimizing society, on the other hand a symbol of an aimless zeitgeist that lacks visions of a better world.


The movement research of the trio starts at the origin of the perception of speed in the context of the human body. The upright walk and the ability to purposefully throw are two unique anatomical features among primates and make humans the only living being that can accelerate external objects to many times their own body speed. As jugglers, we deal in detail with the throw, the upright gait and its qualities. We start with the evolution of man-made speed and bring it into a cross-epoch context. Speed ​​holds attraction and fascination, it means not only mobility and prosperity, but also feelings of borderline experience and ecstasy. Modern man has created speeds that seem to defy what we would believe to be possible. We are surrounded by speed and efficiency and those who can afford it are highly mobile. Even if the post-industrial society continues to minimize the physical effort necessary to survive, we feel driven and tired. In order to feel yourself, you need constant stimulation, sensations and experiences, ultimately: machines that release us from machines. Runners is an exploration of technology, efficiency and velocity. In an increasingly immobile and dextrous society the runners will run.


 creation 2021

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