Maleta Company is an Irish based contemporary circus company, the company uses juggling, manipulation and the body as a base to construct languages in which they can explore aspects of human condition.

First formed in 2013, the company continues to experience, explore and share our vision of circus, poetry and performance.

"Juggling is a language"



Boa Noite is the tale of a table; and two visitors who wish to populate it. A tale of borders and space, friendship and tension.

Where the rural meets the urban, two thinkers collide.

"This is how we get along" J


 length: indoor: 50 minutes

           outdoor- 25 minutes

 devised + performed: Alex Allison + Davi Hora

  2017 - May 7th: Mick Lally Theater, Galway 

  May 29th: Galway Juggling Convention 

  June 12th: Circus In The Park, Galway 

  August 28th: Loughrea Medieval Festival, Galway 

  November 12th: National Circus Festival Ireland

  2018 - January 17th: Sorin Sirkus, Tampere, Finland 

  April 18th-19th: Galway Theatre Festival 

  June 2nd - Galway Juggling Convention 

  June 9th - Cirkus LeGrando - Brno, Czech Republic 

  June 24th-25th - Cork Midsummer Festival 

  June 27th - July 2nd - Mirabilia - Fossano, Italy 

  August 27th - Loughrea Medieval Festival, Galway 

  September 22nd - Culture Night, Galway: Sep 22nd

  November 11th - National Circus Festival Of Ireland 

  2019 - February 10th - Brno Juggling Convention 

  February 4th = Be;fast Juggling Convention

  April 3rd +4th - Autonomy Project - Dance Limerick

  June 19th - 23rd - Union Black - Cork Midsummer

  September 22nd +23rd - Pitch'd Circus Festival Cork

  September 23rd - Macroom Food Festival, Cork

  November 2nd- 6th - Daidogei World Cup. Japan



 creation  2017